Bridal Business – Part 2 "Menu Of Services" & "The Business of Having a Business"

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One of the industries that we know will successfully emerge from COVID-19 is the Bridal industry. People will want to finally have the wedding they planned for but had to postpone or a redo of the wedding they never got to enjoy with friends and family. Is your Bridal Business set up to handle the future demand and grow?

In this part two webinar, Kevin James Bennett, Emmy award-winning makeup artist and Bridal Beauty expert, provides guidelines and best practices for building a successful business in the post-COVID bridal industry.

Part 2 – “Menu Of Services” & “The Business of Having a Business”

This webinar focuses on creating a menu of services tailored to accommodate your target bride. It also outlines your financial and legal responsibilities.

In this 90 minute webinar, you will learn:

To build a business that feels bespoke for your client
How to put together your professional materials
Build a business that is secure and successful

Featured Panelists:

Kevin James Bennett
James Vincent

This webinar was recorded on August 16th.
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