Makeup Shop – NYC

Bastian Russ

In 1984, I was born in a small town in Germany. From an early age I was drawn to creativity and once I finished high school, I entered into a Media Design apprenticeship. After graduating as a Media Designer, I knew that a “small town” life simply wasn’t for me, so I traveled for a number of years through Australia, South Africa and Egypt. On my return to Germany, I felt that the best way I could express and embrace my creativity was by becoming a „Maskenbildner“. Initially, I entered into a hairdressing apprenticeship to come closer to my goal and in 2009, I took a step further and moved to Berlin. At that point, I fulfilled two of my greatest dreams: living in a large urban city and I was on my way to becoming a „Maskenbildner“. In 2012, after I graduated from Hasso von Hugo Maskenbildnerschule, where I learnt everything from Beauty to Theater Make Up, knotting wigs, styling every hairstyle imaginable, creating special effects and body painting, my first placement was at New YorkFashion Week. I knew at that moment that I had made the right choice. My passions are oriented towards fashion, editorial shoots and fashion weeks, but I also enjoy doing hair and everyday makeup, weddings or other celebrations, because, above all, I love doing Hair and Make Up.