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Andy Calero

Andy Calero is a talented, passionate, dedicated and creative makeup artist who first entered the beauty industry as a certified cosmetologist after attending Cerritos Community College in Cerritos, California. After experimenting with makeup on his classmates, Andy realized his true calling was beyond cosmetology. Seeking to further develop his newly awakened natural talent Andy enrolled at Ruby Makeup Academy from which he emerged a certified makeup artist.


Andy is a well-rounded artist capable of executing a flawless look in a multitude of environments from the studio, to the runway, to braving the elements on location. His credits include films, music videos, still photography, charity events, and major fashion shows throughout the Los Angeles, New York City and Miami areas.


Like Michelangelo chiseling away the stone to reveal the beautiful statue hiding in the block of marble, Andy works to reveal each person’s natural beauty through subtle enhancements of color, tone, and contour. By blending creativity and traditional techniques Andy is able to produce a stunning and complex look for any face, female or male. In addition to executing breathtaking natural looks, Andy also has an eye for bold daring looks for specialized applications in which he can let his full creative force take hold.


Although Andy has been working in the beauty industry for less than five years, his talent would leave you to believe he is a veteran. He has collaborated on many editorials which all showcase his flawless artistry skills. Andy’s work has graced the pages of many prints and online magazines such as Vogue Italia, Surreal Beauty, Coco Fashion, Fashion Kids, The Book of Magazine, MITH, Elements, Pump, Last Daze, Young Kids Fashion, Flawless, Child Model, and many more.