Do you want to stand alongside the biggest names in the business and establish yourself as the victor? Enter The Makeup Show LA’s “The Wonder Games” and compete against your fellow students to prove your school and your artistry stands out among the rest.

As The Hunger Games makes a name for itself internationally, The Makeup Show creators take a page from one of our favorite books and build our first “The Wonder Games” – a way for makeup schools and students to show the pro community of artists and industry insiders that they are the talent of the next generation! Enter the games…and may luck 
be ever in your favor!

RULES FOR ENTRY: Schools must enter two students who are currently enrolled as Tributes to participate in a series of contests, to be performed at The Makeup Show LA, set up to give studying makeup artists an opportunity to show their talent.

Each tribute will be allowed to bring their basic makeup kit and brushes to compete in the five tasks. Specific items will be provided by The Makeup Show vendors and sponsors if necessary.

A panel of judges made up of international artists, industry experts and makeup insiders will be set up at each contest to determine who moves on in the competition. The winning student will be announced prior to the closing of The Makeup Show LA and will receive prizes in recognition of their accomplishment.

Students don’t miss out on this special opportunity and contact your school today! Faculty members please email by February 15th to enter your two chosen tributes.


  • Makeup Kit containing some of James Vincent’s favorite products. ($1000 value!)
  • Announcement and feature in The Makeup Show newsletter and featured spot on The Makeup Show Blog.
  • Part of Editorial Story on Beautylish including image and credit
  • More details to be announced….

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