The Makeup Show Chicago’s first keynote revealed…it’s Matin!

The Make up Show is proud to announce Matin as our first keynote speaker for The Makeup Show Chicago ( being held June 9th & 10th). Matin is a giant in the makeup industry, but that was not the profession he went to school for. A native of Afghanistan, he earned his Masters degree in Molecular Biology.

He started in the beauty industry by doing makeup part-time to pay for school. Matin realized that he preferred the collaborative, and creative aspects of beauty rather than being a molecular scientist, though his education background does help him in his works with creating beauty products,and understanding composition. Matin is the perfect artist to speak about being persistent and patient until an opportunity arises, this will inspire other young, up and coming artists who are currently trying to break into the beauty industry. Check out the interview we did with Matin on our blog:. We hope to see you there!








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