Mixing the Mediums of Art and Makeup Artistry with Moises Ramirez


New York City based painter and makeup artist Moises Ramirez talks to The Makeup Show about his creative process as an artist and what inspires him to mix several mediums from painting and illustration to photography and makeup artistry in order to create these amazing works of art. Moises has worked on a variety of editorial shoots for fashion publications such as Vogue Portugal and Vogue Taiwan, as well as working 12 seasons of NYFW. Currently working as a multimedia artist, Moises is focusing on a series of art inspired by his work in the beauty industry. Mixing these mediums has played an integral role in shaping and developing each art form within his creative process, which is what has lead him to his extensive success as an artist in the beauty industry.

moises6 moises5The Makeup Show: Being that you are a jack of all trades when it comes to the artistic world, which medium would you say is your favorite to work with, painting/drawing, photography, makeup artistry, or illustration?

Moises Ramirez: I have to say lately I been mixing a few mediums together.  Sometimes I feel like an ink illustration might need some texture, so with a spatula I will add a thick layer of paint.

TMS: How does it feel to be presenting in your very first keynote  ‘An Artist’s Eye’ this year at The Makeup Show NYC on Monday May 8th at 10am and what can we expect?

MR: I am excited.  I want to share a little bit of what I do and how I get inspired to use makeup as an art medium.

TMS: How does your deep understanding of fine art inspire you to go beyond the traditional practices of makeup artistry?

MR: It allows me to see makeup different and be more experimental. Having some understanding of art eliminates some beauty boundaries.

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TMS: Who or what inspires you the most?

MR: Unique faces inspire me; usually people I see on the street, the trains, models on shoots, their skin tones, features, hair textures and personal style, as well as colors and textures.

TMS: Is there a particular work/experience that you are most proud of?

MR: There are a few work experiences or art works that I am proud of.  Working in my studio for a few hours, maybe days, looking back and seeing how much I have accomplished always gives me a sense of pride.

TMS: What piece of advice would you pass on to those looking to break into the field?

MR: Be willing to work hard; leave your ego and personal life at the door, practice your trade over and over, sharpen your tools, always keep learning and educating yourself. Simple gestures such as being on time and nice go a long way.

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TMS: Why is it important to continue to educate and work with the next generation of artists?

MR: For me educating is so much more than just teaching. You learn so much about yourself and your art by sharing your knowledge with other artists, especially newer artists.

TMS: How did your career in the world of makeup begin?

MR: It began when I was in art school. I worked at a café around a MAC store and I use to love seeing all the bright colors and textures the makeup artists would wear on their faces. It was almost what I did with paints on canvas. One of the Artists eventually got me to interview for a part-time position. With just an art background and no makeup experience, I didn’t think I would get the job. I ended up working for MAC almost 9 years.

TMS: Why do you think it is important to have a Pro-only event like The Makeup Show?

MR: I think it’s very important to surround yourself with other creative artists. We work alone behind the scenes for much of our jobs, so it’s great to talk to other artist about our work, shop for new products and get some good education.

TMS: What skills/practices do you think it is required to have in order to create a strong and powerful editorial makeup that achieves artistic status?

I think balance is a practice I continue to work on and try to apply to all my projects. I think there should be a balance between colors, textures, contrast and placements, keeping in mind your overall compassion. Trust your creativity. -Moises Ramirez



-Gabriela Guevara

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