How To Become a Makeup Artist

We are honored by the iconic artists who have spoken, taught and shared their tips & tricks at our 2012 shows. During which, each divulged their advice on how to get started… so without further adieu, here’s the 411 from a few of the greats!

What advice would you give to those just entering the field?


Matin Be patient and be persistent. We all deserve a break and everyone will get ONE break. At the end, all we need is just one break.


Ricky WilsonI say to anyone aspiring to be a makeup artist. Believe in yourself and do as much as you can to learn and grow. This is a business that is never going to stop changing so make sure you keep your makeup skills current. Because you are working in an intimate environment with clients make sure your people skills are impeccable as well. The days of the makeup artists with the nasty attitudes are DONE! 


Sharon Gault  aka Mama Makeup: “Never give up…never take no for an answer. You have to persevere and don’t be afraid. Stay inspired– find things that inspire you and try to remain focused.” 


Danesssa Myricks: I think it’s important that aspiring artists remember that everyone has their own path to success. While there are some artists who have quickly made a name for themselves by being talented and available at the right time and place, for the majority of artists it will be a journey of reaching small milestones over time. Reach for the stars but remain realistic in your expectations.


Eugenia Weston The most important advice is to study color, learn to be a perfectionist and develop a good eye because makeup is all about color and detail.  Take every job you get even if it doesn’t pay. Never do makeup for the money. Do it because you love creating and one day it will pay off.  Always be professional. Create your own style and never stop learning.    


Troy JensenBuild your professional makeup kit, nurture your talent, develop your technique, build your portfolio & website, cultivate your client list and professional reputation on your own!!!! Today, I still don’t believe that an agency will EVER manage and create you and your name. You do that. They just take a percentage of what you create and build. Let no one control you as an artist. Be professional and proactive in your career. Don’t sit around waiting for it to happen. The only way you’ll grown as a
make up artist is by Doing Makeup!! Connect with your client by being a service to them. Listen to them and what they want to look like. Trust your instinct, and never gossip about anyone!!!!


Johnny Lavoy
Set realistic goals that are going to work for you and your lifestyle. Be willing to work because nothing comes easy. But I say if you love what you do it never feels like work.




Same Fine: It’s obvious to advise artists to be on time, practice their craft and give the client what they want. However, I often find myself counseling artists on the “business of beauty” – how to quote/negotiate rates, create deal memos/invoices and develop promotional material including websites/business cards that showcase their work. I believe these elements are equally important to becoming a successful artist.





2 Comments on “How To Become a Makeup Artist

  1. Am still a baby in the field and am not doing bad for myself. Passion is the key word. Artists should be passionate about their. Not the money in the beginning

  2. These tips are all fab, and true! Some things that you do for free can be soul destroying, just be careful. I once did a charity fashion show for free, then found out the 10 models were all being paid, hair stylist was being paid…..

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