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The fabulous Lori Taylor, Global Pro Lead Artist for The Makeup Show LA’s supporting sponsor Smashbox, took a break from the Fashion Week craziness to share some of her industry know how and insight with us.

How and when did you get started in the industry? I got started doing makeup in the ’90s assisting local L.A. artists—oh wait, I think I just aged myself, haha.

Who/what inspires you? I’ve always been inspired by strong women…like my grandmother! She had a vanity, woreAvon lipstick and loved false lashes, blue shadow, black liner and hair pieces. You know, the works.

When did you join Smashbox as their pro lead artist? What drew you to this brand?  I started with Smashbox in 2002 as a freelancer helping with events and studio shoots. I worked my way up and became the in-house PRO artist in 2008. There’s this amazing creative energy around the studio and I was drawn to the vibe of the brand and the studio. I felt like anything I wanted to become with Smashbox was possible!

Are you excited for Smashbox to bring “Click, You’re It! A Photo Event” To The Makeup Show LA this year? What should our beauty insiders expect? I’m beyond excited, it’s such a perfect project for us. The “Click, You’re It” event is a way to bring a piece of the studio and brand to all of the artists out there. I think they are going to love it!

What are your must have products? Smashbox Brow Tech To Go, Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, Halo Highlighting Wand and the new Be Legendary Lipsticks. There are so many great products at Smashbox it’s hard to choose. Plus, I work really closely with our product development department, so it’s like choosing a favorite child!

As a member of our all-star judge panel for The LA Launch Event Contest. What are you looking forward to seeing from the “The Town is Our Town” submissions?  I’m looking forward to seeing each group’s interpretation of my home town:L.A.!

Any projects you’re excited to share with us for 2012?  So many! We’re really taking everything up a notch these days—the products, the programs, the media we are generating at Smashbox. The word is really getting out that we are the ONLY brand that is born out of one of the most influential photography studios in the country. This isn’t only important—because you know you’re getting makeup that looks flawless in real life and on camera—but it’s just so cool to come to work at a real, functioning photo studio every day!!! To be able to work and know that there are photo shoots going on right next door for some of the biggest campaigns out there is an amazing feeling. The brand and the studio are being looked at in a totally different way, and that’s beyond exciting!!!

What piece of advice would you pass on to those just getting into the field? Go into every situation with a positive outlook and an open mind.
Join Lori and the rest of the beauty community this March 17 & 18 at The Makeup Show LA.

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  1. We love Smashbox out here in Calgary,Alberta, Canada! Wish you could make your way here as well! Can”t wait to see the show…Lori you are amazing and so inspirational!

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