Finding your ‘Signature Style’ with Vlada Haggerty


Finding one’s personal style that sets us apart from the rest of the crowd could be a difficult task for most in this digital age. The media controls most of what we see, hear and even think. It sets a certain standard in the beauty industry that might be difficult to uphold. But for some artists like Vlada Haggerty, it seems to come naturally. This 32 year old beauty influencer, macro beauty photographer and newly appointed Lip Editor in Chief for Smashbox Cosmetics, has made a household name for herself with her incredibly detailed and unique liquid lip art trending across all social media platforms from Instagram, YouTube and Facebook alike. Vlada started her professional makeup career in 2011 and in such a short period of time, she has managed to create a ‘signature style’ that is instantly recognizable and even imitated among the masses. At such a young age, Vlada has inspired artists to push past boundaries and has created a major impact in the beauty industry with her work being published internationally. Vlada is even nominated for the ‘Artist of the Year’ award in this year’s first ever The Makeup Show Pro Awards. Reserve your ticket for The Makeup Show NYC today to hear Vlada tell us her story and share some tips and tricks of the trade and looks she has become so famous for, sponsored  by Smashbox Cosmetics.


The Makeup Show: With this being your first time as a The Makeup Show keynote speaker, how are you looking to inspire the attending artists in NYC in your keynote ‘Signature Style’?

Vlada Haggerty: I would love to share my story with the attending artists and tell them how developing your own style takes time, work and dedication. I want to share that people don’t always accept your style immediately and that’s okay. “Do what you love and follow your heart” is my main message.

TMS: What is your ‘signature style’ as a makeup artist? What sets you apart from other artists?

VH: My signature style as a makeup artist is definitely lip art. This is what most people know me for and this is what inspires me the most. Some of my favorite works are lip art pieces.

17495040_1866047266992411_1211977008574103552_n aa2a55_2066a73830ac49f697c2c7893eab60a8 TMS: What has been the driving force and inspiration in your career?

VH: My inspiration has been my passion for makeup as an art form, and the driving force has been pushing the boundaries of traditional makeup applications.

TMS: With over 600k followers on Instagram, how do you think your impact on social media has transformed your career as an artist?

VH: It opened up many doors for me and allowed my art to be seen by thousands of people and numerous cosmetic brands. As a result, I was able to book several big gigs, something that I could only dream of when I first started my Instagram page!

TMS: As a highly demanded artist in the industry, are there any artists/designers/brands you’d like to work with that you haven’t as of yet?

VH: I love the brand Lulu Guinness. I believe they are the original creators of the Lip Clutches that I absolutely adore. I think doing a project with them would be so much fun!

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TMS: Your keynote at The Makeup Show NYC is being sponsored by Smashbox Cosmetics; how does it feel to partner up with a brand known for artistry and inspiration?

VH: I am incredibly honored to be working with Smashbox Cosmetics. I have so much respect for this brand, especially after doing collaboration on the Liquid Pigments and Metals. The fact that they came to me and didn’t just imitate my lip art (like some brands do) showed me their integrity and honesty. I am very grateful for the opportunities Smashbox Cosmetics has given me, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

TMS: What is a makeup trend from any decade – present or past – that you wish would make a comeback?

VH: I would love to see Korean beauty trends make their way into the States with their glowing youthful skin, stained lips and rosy cheeks and their passion for skin care!

TMS: What are the top 5 products you need on set?

VH: Clear lip gloss, translucent setting powder, good moisturizer, disposable mascara wands and cream highlighter.



TMS: As an artist whose ‘signature style’ has been widely imitated, how do you feel about being an inspiration to other artists? When does the line between inspiration and imitation become blurred?

VH: There’s a fine line between inspiration and imitation. Being inspired by someone means acknowledging it. Imitating is trying to take someone’s idea and pass it on as your own. Art is not just an execution of an idea, anyone can recreate something that already exists. The most valuable part of each creation is the original idea behind it, and we as a community should respect that.

TMS: If you could give one piece of advice to those looking to get into the beauty industry, what would it be?

 “Don’t let the haters discourage you!” -Vlada Haggerty

TMS: How does it feel to be nominated for The Makeup Show’s first ever Pro Awards ‘Artist of the Year’ Award?

VH: It’s incredible! I feel very honored and humbled, especially because I’m nominated alongside such amazing artists!


-Gabriela Guevara

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