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After 12 successful years, The Makeup Show has become the largest pro-only show in the industry, helping artists in the advancement and growth of their careers. The Makeup Show NYC brings artists out from all over the world and all walks of life, including some of the biggest names in the beauty industry and the most influential leaders in makeup. The Makeup Show has brought together some of the industry’s top artists to create a team that is like no other to deliver motivational keynotes, educational hands-on workshops and informative focus seminars. The artist team consisting of James Vincent, Danessa Myricks, Bethany Townes, Esterique Aidan and Orlando Santiago truly are the heart of the show. No two artists share the same style, experience or inspiration. They all share a passion for the show and what it has brought to them in their personal and artistic lives: a sense of community, family and belonging to something bigger than themselves. I had the pleasure of sitting down with this amazing team of artists to ask them a few questions about their careers and their time with The Makeup Show. When I asked the artists what has been their favorite part about being part of The Makeup Show Artist Team, they all spoke about the great teamwork and family-like bond the artists share.


I have to say that feeling like I’m part of a special family is my favorite part of being on The Makeup Show artist team. Working alongside people you admire and inspire you but are also your extended family. – Bethany Townes




The family relationship we’ve maintained over the years that is a bond that can’t be broken. I’m proud to be part of influencers of this makeup industry.  The artistry that is being produced each year and their continuous growth keeps me inspired to keep evolving as an artist and person.- Orlando Santiago



This team is a dream team of amazing professionals that work and educate from their heart and soul. I am so proud to be among them. We go a long way together, always caring and respecting everyone’s accomplishments and truly loving and missing each other between the shows. I love them so much. They rock! – Esterique Aidan


There is always a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect that is incredibly refreshing. It’s always a really special experience. I’m generally on a high from start to finish and sometimes even for days after. It’s like coming home, meeting old friends and making new ones at every show. -Danessa Myricks


My favorite part has been the opportunity to work with The Makeup Show team and stand side by side with such talented artists that are truly committed to helping artists find their footing in the industry and define and find their own success.- James Vincent


When I asked each of the artists how they got started in the industry, many of them had responses that might surprise you. For example, Danessa started fresh in a new career after working in corporate America for 30 years, Bethany worked as an Army Medic for 8 years and James started out in theater. The Makeup Show was a gateway to helping this Artist Team find their true passion and sense of purpose through makeup artistry. Not only does the team collectively inspire one another, they also learn and grow from one another– without bias or ego. From humble beginnings, each of these artists have worked tirelessly to prove themselves and their value in this industry, which has surely paid off in the end. Esterique started out in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a small and very competitive industry (before the advent of social media took place). She worked hard, remained humble and professional, and took every opportunity she had to do her best and make a good impression; whether it was a big campaign or a very excited bride. When asked how she got started in the industry, it was very clear that Esterique had a goal that she was completely committed to, and went at it full force.

At that time, Facebook and Instagram did not exist. Going into the industry meant building a portfolio with starting photographers and stylists, then going to agencies and studios asking for a first chance to prove myself and my work for free. -Esterique Aidan


The Makeup Show artist team members individually offer something unique and special to the show. Their contributions as artists is the backbone of the valuable education that The Makeup Show offers its attendees. Orlando got started in 1999 while in college and worked as a freelance Calvin Klein spritzer. He was then asked if he could switch over to the cosmetics section of the beauty department and work for Christian Dior. With dedication to his craft and a natural talent, Orlando quickly advanced under the tutelage of the Regional Makeup Artist for Central Florida. Other artists like Bethany had a completely different experience. Bethany, coming from a stable and reliable office job, had to make the decision to take a huge risk to follow her dreams. It wasn’t an easy task, but it’s what was most fulfilling for her in the end.

I couldn’t stop thinking about makeup. I became seriously obsessed for the next few years, to the point where all I did was research and schedule photo shoots and attend events. I barely got any work done and realized I needed to figure out how to do this full time. After a pretty well thought out plan, I left the Social Security Administration after 5 years and moved to NY to pursue my passion. – Bethany Townes


When asking the team about what they think is the most beneficial part of The Makeup Show and what advice they would give aspiring artists that attend, they all had a similar response. All of the artists stressed the importance of the educational aspect of The Makeup Show, how there truly isn’t a price on the unbiased and valuable knowledge students can gain.

My advice is to be inspired by other artists who are there to create and deliver golden nuggets of their success.  It’s not only about the discounts on makeup but more importantly the education that will keep you at the top of your game for life. – Orlando Santiago




Education and networking are key. Meet and speak to as many people as you can, take every class, go to every event. The more people you know, the easier it becomes. – James Vincent




I would advise every attendee to maximize their opportunities to be educated from leading artist. Listen, watch and absorb as much as you can from what this amazing show provides you. Buy smart and don’t over spend. Education and knowledge will rise your craft and technique to pro levels. -Esterique Aidan



My advice would be to absorb as much education as they possibly can. What’s so special about the format of The Makeup Show is that beyond the elevated pro shopping experience, it is education focused at the core. The education is superior. It is rare to have access to the caliber of artists that participate and pour their hearts out on the many educational stages and hands on classes being offered. That is the real magic of this show. – Danessa Myricks


Networking is really key, but if I had to pick, I would say education is the most important. Learn from as many people as you can, take as many of the classes offered or just talk to the educators at the booths. It doesn’t always have to be a structured class, you learn from everyone and everything at the show. – Bethany Townes


Our Director of Education and Artist Relations for The Makeup Show, James Vincent, started out as a MAC cosmetics artist in the 90’s. With over 20 years of experience, James primarily works in fashion, celebrity and the music industry. James has had the honor of assisting some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kevyn Aucoin and Dick Page. Finding inspiration in classic films, the works of fine artists and everything around him, celebrities like Joan Jett, Debbie Harry and Stevie Nicks inspired him to keep an eye on the direction of trend, ensuring that his makeup is always both timely and timeless. It’s James’ timeless and influential look that has had such an impact on the makeup world and why so many artists look up to James as an icon in the industry. Even with that said, through all the glitz and the glam of what the beauty industry might seem to be, it is the sense of family and community that James has helped to create for The Makeup Show that has artists coming back to become a part of something bigger than just their own artistic careers.

The Makeup Show has even given the artists a platform to not only be able to develop themselves in their careers as artists, but also as brand owners and innovators. Danessa Myricks launched a successful cosmetics line called Danessa Myricks Beauty, including artist favorites like ColorFix pure pigments and Enlight Illuminators. This mother, makeup artist, mogul and photographer has been a great inspiration for aspiring makeup artists everywhere. Danessa has produced over a dozen how-to videos, published makeup instructional books focused on contour, highlight and color, and is at the forefront of a global beauty brand, providing professional insight and wearable cosmetics available for everyone.

I wanted to live more passionately and creatively and makeup felt like the right place to do that. I’m self-taught. I read books and practiced. I worked for for free and did makeup for everyone who would let me.  The rest is history. I feel incredibly blessed to do what I love daily. – Danessa Myricks

One May 5th from 10:30 am – 4:00 pm, spend the day with our artist team: James, Danessa, Orlando, Esterique and Bethany, for our first ever “On-Set Editorial” class. These 5 power player artists, having worked many seasons of New York Fashion Week side by side, are collaborating on a special shoot to showcase their work. Go behind the scenes on an editorial set from start to finish as all 5 artists give you the opportunity to watch, learn and gain a better understanding of what goes into the design, application and communication on a New York City photo shoot. Ask questions, assist them in their process, seek advice, and learn the ins and outs of how to get started, or on how to progress as a working artist on a real live set. Space is limited, please reserve your spot today by clicking on this link! Below are 5 images created by our artists during this very special shoot inspired by the cities that The Makeup Show takes place in.

















-Gabriela Guevara

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