A Sit Down with Mama Makeup

 In this interview Sharon Gault speaks of her inspiration, industry experience, and hopes for 2012. Find out how Mama Makeup  came to be and what’s in store for the future.

How and when did you get started in the industry? “Growing up in Santa Monica, I got started back in probably

the 80s with photography. I always loved photography. I would go to a photo studio near my house when I was young and do it all: hair, makeup, and styling. It was my creative outlet, a way to have fun…to play around. I always liked playing with Barbies, you know” The field became an extension of this early passion of Sharon’s, “It was playing photography, playing dress-up…In high school I was a go-getter person. I made things happen on my own. I felt photography was a good way to get it all out, a way to be creative.

What drove you to focus in makeup?

“Well I started out working at Vidal Sasson. Working in the hair salon…as a receptionist and doing everything that was needed.” It was there that Sharon heard about their academy and “one thing lead to another… I was never afraid. I was Fearless.” It was with this confidence that Sharon was able to delve into and experiment in every part of the field, “I liked helping out the instructors and doing makeup application at shoots…” The truth is, Sharon found her “way into makeup through producing everything at once. Hair, makeup, everything…creating the total look.”

How did you get the nick name Mama Makeup?

“Mama Makeup” Sharon repeated, “Well, they gave me that name on Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour. They,the dancers and singers, called me mama because I was motherly I guess… I have that motherliness you know. As a student of Marianne Williamson, A Course In Miracles, one of my things is having my spiritual life. Marianne promotes positivity, shares love, and instills happiness to others which I think is really important. Things in life come and go – and sometimes we have to accept things that we can’t change. Sometimes we all face obstacles. This business can be really hard. We have to have courage. Know that we are all not perfect – just human. Live by the example of love. Things happen that are out of our control sometimes. Do what makes you happy. If that’s art… if that’s makeup, do it!”

Who/what inspires you?

“Art inspires me. And always being challenged inspires me…Having my daughter was a gift. Being a single mother for my daughter gave me the strength to never give up. It made me realize ‘It’s time to care for another person.’ I’m not the most perfect…but if you have a great spiritual life… and art…” Her voice trailed off as she emphasized the importance of that inner
strength fortified by a spiritual awareness and a connection to art when one looks to further themselves in their career.

Sharon later expressed another strong pillar of her inspiration, a collaborative one, “I work with David la Chapelle…He is constantly pushing me…[because of this] we create amazing art and projects from music videos to commercials… People don’t realize how hard Sharon Gault works. We have to have a fearless attitude… You have to be flexible about everything.”



Any new projects that you’re excited to share for 2012?

“I am really excited for The Makeup Show LA. I’m excited to share the things that I’ve done including my campaign for Old Navy and especially my acceptance into the union. I did it! I was not always smart about business, but now I have my letter. I was so nervous about filling out the paperwork, but Susan Cabral-Ebert comforted me and assisted me through the process. Now I am part of a greater family. I feel supported and secured, ready for 2012!”


What would you say to those entering the field?

“Never give up…never take no for an answer. You have to persevere and don’t be afraid. Stay inspired– find things that inspire you and try to remain focused.”

Sharon will give a candid keynote presentation The Makeup Show LA 2012, “One on One with Sharon Gault,” sponsored by Make Up For Ever. Join Sharon March 17 & 18th. See you soon!


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  1. I count myself fortunate to know Sharons particular magic.

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