The Makeup Show Chicago Inspires

Take a look at these two clips our fabulous beauty bloggers, Sherry Blossom and Midwesternfront have created! Sherry Blossom’s compilation of The Makeup Show displays what this Show is really about, two days of education, inspiration, community, and artistry. While Sherry Blossom provides a foundation for the workings of the show, Midwesternfront highlights how willing iconic names in the industry are to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the pros at... Read More

The Makeup Show Chicago

Last Sunday and Monday The Makeup Show came to Chicago for the first time. Although we knew that there was excitement and anticipation for the show, we never could have expected just how successful the event would be. The first day at Venue One started off with a bang. At 8:30AM pros were already wrapped around the block waiting for entrance. While the turnout, which displayed the amount of support this show gained and niche it filled for many was incredible, what we at The Makeup... Read More

Getting to Know Mr. Reggie Wells

Last Friday I had the honor of speaking with Keynote presenter for The Makeup Show Chicago Mr. Reggie Wells! As he waited in an airport terminal for his plane to yet another business endeavor, he shared his experiences in the industry and pearls of wisdom with me. We began with the larger question, how and when did you get started in the beauty industry? Mr. Reggie Wells started his career as a Junior High art teacher. With a group of thirteen girls from his classes, he facilitated... Read More

Reggie Wells at The Makeup Show NYC!

Reggie Wells has joined The Makeup Show NYC!! With over 30 years of experience Emmy Award winning makeup artist and author Reggie Wells will be speaking at The Makeup Show NYC. His work has appeared on the cover of Essence on nearly sixty occasions and in issues of Glamour, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, Life, Time, and Bride’s to name a few. He has been working with Oprah since 1989 and is the makeup master behind all 80 covers of O Magazine. In his keynote, A Career... Read More