Halle Berry’s Shocking Transformation for Cloud Atlas

   Siân Richards With charm and creativity, Siân Richards has climbed to the top of the industry not only as a celebrity Makeup Artist, but as an entrepreneur. With the anticipated release of Cloud Atlas, a blockbuster that already has the press in a frenzy, Siân gives us a peak into her experience as Halle Berry’s personal MUA. After months of dedication and hard work your artistry for Cloud Atlas will finally hit the big screen this October. Are your excited to see... Read More

Orlando Santiago + The Makeup Show Europe

After returning from The Makeup Show Europe 2011, Orlando Santiago is back into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Orlando Santiago, a dedicated  The Makeup Show Artist, takes time out of his busy schedule to share his experience and most memorable moments at the Berlin show. As an artist and educator, what aspects of the show are most memorable to you? The people had the desire to be educated from all over Europe. The attendees at the workshops were really focused and involved... Read More

Q & A with Esterique Aidan

Now that The Makeup Show Europe 2011 has come to its end…   Esterique Aidan, one of our dedicated The Makeup Show Artists, has settled back home in Israel and gives us her personal feedback and most memorable moments of The Makeup Show Europe- Berlin!     As an artist and educator, what aspects of the show are most memorable to you? For starters, Friday night’s Galerie event-it’s was inspiring! International artists came from all over to help celebrate and create their... Read More

Koren Zander Debuts K’romaDepth

At The Makeup Show Europe Koren Zander of Enkore Makeup debuted his new innovation, K’romaDepth!!! This truly was an ingenious process to watch. Koren generated a full 3D body look with traditional pigment! So how’d he do it?! Using his understanding of how the human brain and eye respond to each part of the color spectrum, Koren strategically painted an abstract design that readily popped off his model’s skin with a simple pair of 3D movie glasses. Initially unaware... Read More

The Makeup Show Europe’s Debut!

      We launched the show on Friday with our pre-party press event, Galerie. Big names from our exhibiting brands including creator of Inglot himself, Wojtek Inglot and Cofounder of Make Up For Ever, Jacque Waneph, along with agency representatives, VIP attendees, and members of the Press came together to celebrate The Makeup Show Europe’s debut with cocktails, music, and art! Our exhibitors Temptu Pro, Inglot, Kett Cosmetics, Senjo Theater Makeup and Einat Dan all displayed... Read More