Q&A with Koren of Enkore Makeup

Happy New Year Koren! Any resolutions for 2012? K: Aside from trying to stay YOUNG? Haha. Well, I always tell my self I need to be more physical, but I think traveling automatically does that for me now. Every year, I always set a higher goal, and spend the year going for it! So that next year, I can set even higher goals. We know that you’re always juggling multiple endeavors at once. Any new projects that you’re excited to share for 2012?! K: So many exciting projects I... Read More

Koren Zander Debuts K’romaDepth

At The Makeup Show Europe Koren Zander of Enkore Makeup debuted his new innovation, K’romaDepth!!! This truly was an ingenious process to watch. Koren generated a full 3D body look with traditional pigment! So how’d he do it?! Using his understanding of how the human brain and eye respond to each part of the color spectrum, Koren strategically painted an abstract design that readily popped off his model’s skin with a simple pair of 3D movie glasses. Initially unaware... Read More

Pro Area: Koren Zander at The Makeup Show Europe!

Koren Zander, creator of Enkore Makeup, will be waiting for you at The Makeup Show Europe in the PRO AREA (Time: TBD) If you haven’t seen his easy to follow tutorials or exclusive one-on-one interviews with iconic names in the industry, then you are missing out! Koren Zander is a professional Makeup Artist who specializes in Glamour, Bridal, Print, Film/TV and Theatrical Makeup. He holds master workshops and private classes world-wide and has become a HUGE name through his popular... Read More

Pro Pod News: Enkore Makeup

   “Blogging and Beyond” with Koren Zander for Enkore Makeup will be in our Pro Pod on the Second Floor of The Makeup Show NYC Monday May 16th from 11:15am-12:15pm. Stop in during this hour and learn from the best. Koren will be available to speak to about your career, his experience, and anything you need to know about using the internet as your professional tool. Koren Zander is a professional Makeup Artist who specializes in Glamour, Bridal, Print, Film/TV and Theatrical... Read More