Orlando Santiago + The Makeup Show Europe

After returning from The Makeup Show Europe 2011, Orlando Santiago is back into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Orlando Santiago, a dedicated  The Makeup Show Artist, takes time out of his busy schedule to share his experience and most memorable moments at the Berlin show.
As an artist and educator, what aspects of the show are most memorable to you?
The people had the desire to be educated from all over Europe. The attendees at the workshops were really focused and involved in every way.
How would you compare The Makeup Show Europe to our US based shows?
The Makeup Show Europe was truly amazing with the diversity of languages that were represented at the show and all had the same common interest…makeup! Although the scenario was very familiar, the European culture and influence changed the feeling of an American show.
Do you feel The Makeup Show Europe brought together a vibrant international artist community?
As I mentioned before, this show was crucial in bringing together each part of Europe under one roof but showed absolute focus and acute attention to detail which was amazing…much more than a US show.
How would you compare the energy of the artists and students of your workshops/seminars to those of the past US shows?
The students in my workshops were similarly enthusiastic as the US but also displayed great retention and performance skills. Although it was a technical topic, comprehension and execution of the techniques learned were impeccable.
The Makeup Show Europe included many more international exhibiting brands and shops; did you find any new must have products for your kit?
My new European favorite must have product was the Bruise Tattoo from the UK brand Mae-kup created by makeup artist David Stoneman. It was truly amazing and impressive and great for immediate light FX.
Tell us your take on Berlin!?
Berlin is truly my new favorite city in Europe… The art around the city was overwhelmingly present everywhere you go and was very inspiring. There is so much history and culture and the hospitality was wonderful!
Do you look forward to The Makeup Show Europe 2012?
I’m excited and look forward to next years The Makeup Show Europe for sure!

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