Koren Zander Debuts K’romaDepth

At The Makeup Show Europe Koren Zander of Enkore Makeup debuted his new innovation, K’romaDepth!!! This truly was an ingenious process to watch. Koren generated a full 3D body look with traditional pigment! So how’d he do it?! Using his understanding of how the human brain and eye respond to each part of the color spectrum, Koren strategically painted an abstract design that readily popped off his model’s skin with a simple pair of 3D movie glasses.
Initially unaware that this was an illusion Koren himself had created, I first asked so how were you introduced to this product?
Koren explained, “Its actually part of Color Theory – Color Depth that I was taught for years in art, where RED appears closer to you and deep blue recedes back. The colors in between the spectrum are what give the layers for depth. You can see this more prominently using a Color-Depth glass, which we handed out at the show. I simply brought this theory to makeup, more specifically to Body Painting. I’m sure other painters know of this technique, but not a lot take it further.”
Astounded to learn that this was a simple trick of the eye, I wanted to know more! And so the interview continued, what inspired you to work with this medium?
Koren revealed, “When I was presented with the challenge of doing High Definition, Neons, 3D, etc. for The Makeup Show Europe, I thought, why not incorporate ALL aspects by doing a demo that will display all the elements, including Color Depth. I love colors, and patterns. That’s definitely my drive. And to show people I can do body painting as well, not just glamour looks.”
Thrilled to learn that he decided to launch this unique technique and look at The Makeup Show we continued, What was your experience like using this process for the first time at The Makeup Show Europe?!
Koren: “Oh my gosh, it was overwhelming in Berlin. It was very well received; everyone was in awe. It was amazing to see my colleagues with big names in the industry with their mouths wide open in awe. That was priceless!”
Will you keep it in your repertoire for future use? Koren responded with a chuckle, “well, since it’s been talked about. I will definitely do it more often. It gives me a break on doing glamour face looks and it definitely pumps my artistic juices in high mode.”
Do you have future plans for using this innovative makeup or have future designs? “Absolutely! I actually charted out about eight designs prior to going to Berlin. I did two of the designs there, and both turned out great!”
Six more looks to unveil!! We can’t wait to see what Koren will spring on us next. Keep it going!!!

3 Responses to “Koren Zander Debuts K’romaDepth”
  1. Tanimara says:

    OMG!! This was indeed awesome, I was there and saw it through the glasses too!!
    Congrats on your first event in Europe!

  2. Gregor says:

    It was great working with you Koren! You are an awesome make up artist and a very good photographer!!!

    I hope we see us next time again.

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