The Makeup Show Chicago

Last Sunday and Monday The Makeup Show came to Chicago for the first time. Although we knew that there was excitement and anticipation for the show, we never could have expected just how successful the event would be. The first day at Venue One started off with a bang. At 8:30AM pros were already wrapped around the block waiting for entrance. While the turnout, which displayed the amount of support this show gained and niche it filled for many was incredible, what we at The Makeup Show Chicago truly took away from the show was the amount of warm positive feedback we received throughout the event from our attendees, artists, and exhibitors. During the show, community oozed from every corner, from pros asking questions about product and collections at exhibitor booths to artists exchanging thoughts and experiences with iconic names such as Mr. Reggie Wells and Sam Fine to a group of professionals who found a common connection during their hands-on workshops and began expanding their network.


While intimate workshops were in progress throughout the two days with top artists such as Danessa Myricks, Orlando Santiago, Jon Hennessey and Kathy Aragon, attendees explored our pro driven companies’ colorful, unique, and top collections. Not only were the booths lined with new products at pro prices, live artistry brightened up the space. Attendees were able to see makeup creations done in real time.

As products were being collected, educational and networking opportunities were endless from main floors seminars such as Airbrush Beyond Foundation with Levi Vieira for Temptu PRO and Makeup Artist Must Haves for Every Kit with James Vincent for Alcone to the Keynotes with Michael DeVellis, Crystal Wright, Joanna Schlip, Jinny Houle, Johnny Lavoy, Reggie Wells and Sam Fine. Not only did these iconic industry names give insider’s tips and critical makeup points, they provided insight into a career in the industry from a personal and honest perspective. Although these big names spoke on stage, many of their keynotes quickly turned into a dialogue between the presenter and those in the crowd. Every attendee was able to ask those poignant questions and get the perspective and advice that they were yearning to know.


We had so much fun in Chicago! Thank you to all the pros who came out, exhibitors with their fabulous lines, artists whose tips and advice further our skill set, and a community of professionals who support us and we love!! The Makeup Show Chicago was an extraordinary event that we cannot wait to strengthen and grow with your help and support.
If you were unable to join us in Chicago, or want to experience, learn, and see more! Stay tuned for The Makeup Show Europe In Berlin, Germany scheduled for September 17th and 18th.

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  1. Malinda (ichangefaces) Powell says:

    I had a blast at The Makeup Show in Chicago!!!!

  2. I was able to learn so much from Reggie Wells, Sam Fine, and Joanna Schlip! This show was truly magnificent and I can’t wait until next year!

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