Tip of the Week: Contouring Tips and Tricks

James Vincent’s Contouring Tips and Tricks
Every woman wants to appear thinner for the New Year and that resolution to keep hitting the gym is hard to follow. Contouring the cheeks can keep you looking classic, elegant or simply more sculpted. It is Ideal for evening or formal occasions where a more glamorous look is desired knowing how to contour and keep it looking natural is a great trick for every artist. To begin, apply a soft swipe of taupe or soft brown below the cheekbone.  Use a deeper shade than the natural skin tone on the top of the cheekbone in a c formation close to the temple for shape. A soft pink shade on the apple of the cheek keeps the blush modern and a pinch of peach at the top of the cheek gives warmth and life.
A contour shape or flat tapered brush provides the perfect shape for this application. To make it easier have the client smile while applying colour below the cheekbone. Apply colour over the natural shadows of the face to keep it looking realistic and choose colours that are opposite the skins natural undertone for added drama.
My tip for a more modern contour. Begin with a cream blush on the apple and let it show through for a gorgeous and youthful glow at any age.
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  1. Lisa says:

    Great hints! Love the pinky pink blush on everyone!! Just a swipe on the apples of your cheeks will transform any woman.

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